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9 years ago
New Idea

Create a customised panel, like the ToDo panel, but using your own 'key words' instead

Currently, the ToDo panel available in TC is useful when you specify a comment or the like using certain pre-defined keywords like 'TODO' and 'DONE'.


What I propose is to have a similar panel, that we can customise using our own key words. For example, I could create a new panel, call it 'Version 4.1' and also create my own key words like, 'V4.1', whereby if I specify a comment using the key word 'V4.1', to indicate that I'm working on Version 4.1, then I will have a panel containing a list of all my comments with my keyword 'V4.1'. A user can use whatever keywords they desire in order to keep a list of their work. Also, similarly to the 'TODO' and 'DONE' option that gets alternated between each other in the TODO Panel, a user can create something where two key words alternate between each other as well. Other parameters similarly to the existing ones like 'Priority', 'Category', etc or using our own customised parameters can be setup as well.


Also, the 'Line Number' and 'Location', as it is currently being used when you do a search, should also be added to the TODO Panel for easier reference.


Feel free to discuss anyone...