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5 years ago
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Counter for Exporting progress bar


i used for first time exporting log to html and generated site looks very good.

When the export report is generated, we can see the progress bar, but it does not show how much is already done.

I do not think I have extensive tests and a slow computer, yet the 3700 file size report (213MB - i am using 4k monitor) takes over 6 minutes and as a user I don't know how the generation continues and whether the export failed.


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    Certainly too much screenshots in 4k make your log toooooooo big.

    Deactivate link of test step and vizualizer. Keep only screencapture when you explicity need it or in case of error and the log will down to decent size.


    Tools -> Current project properties -> Playback -> Log -> Post image on error

    Tools -> Current project properties -> Visualizer -> Collect Test Visualizer data during test run -> off