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8 years ago
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Copy and paste config items in Data Generator Wizard

I have some improvements to mention, regarding TestComplete's Data Generation Wizard:


First one:

For test data purposes, I have to create multiple columns with same data characteristics.


Now, I have Insert every line manually. 


Would be handy if TC's Data Generator Wizard be extended with a Copy function (which copy the selected line including all the selected parameters), and inserts it in the grid. Would save a lot of time now for me if this function is available.





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    tristaanogre (and others), I edited this feature request with new feature request.

    Feel free to comment on the (new) features ;)

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    mgroen2, thanks for your improvement ideas! Would you mind creating separate posts for the 2nd and 3rd ideas? Having a single idea per post helps track the feature requests better. Thanks!