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Convert old project Namemapping to a NameMapping that uses CSS/XPATH as its identifiers

We have aN existing project whose NameMapping uses the method "Identification properties" to identify the Objects we want to convert its NameMapping to "CSS/XPATH".
We have found an option to activate the "CSS/XPATH" option via the existing project properties but if we activate it, all Tests that use the method "Identification properties" will all fail and we will need to fix all the testcases (we have about 750 tests).

Also, we found this suggestion in community (https://community.smartbear.com/t5/TestComplete-Questions/Converting-an-old-project-to-CSS-XPATH/m-p/211613) but it didn't work for us because the code base for that feature, from the community article, was only made for version 14.72 ( and our version is 15.40) as mentioned by your Customer Care Engineer Sean ONeil in the case sent Case #00539513.

Suggestion: Can you please enable the same feature in the cummunity article (https://community.smartbear.com/t5/TestComplete-Questions/Converting-an-old-project-to-CSS-XPATH/m-p/211613) for all versions including version 15.40? because it will really save our project.



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