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5 years ago
New Idea

Checkout the Floating License for few days as Node-Locked license.

Here is the feature request.

In the situation of lockdown and companies provided the work from home to employees, Does Smartbear product supports the checkout of the Floating License for a period of the time as Node-Locked License.

For Example, If anyone having 4 seats of a floating license and one of the employee got the work from home and he having a problem connecting to the server. So in this time employee can check out the one license for a few days (7 days). Now for the next 7 days, only 3 floating seats will be available to use, and the remaining one license will be used as a Node-Locked license. And After 7 days the checked-out license will expire and in order to retrieve the floating license seat employee needs to return the checked-out license.


Also In order to the checkout license, there should not be a code to avail of this feature. The employee needs to connect the license server strictly and here the employee needs to enter the days to check out the license.


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    The idea is not bad at all, but to my knowledge, the licensing subsystem in TestComplete is not a product by SmartBear but is provided by some other party. Thus, while SmartBear might initiate such feature request to this party, I think that the decision and (possible) implementation will be solely up to them.


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    Why not just let the employee keep the one floating license active for the 7 days and then use the license server to bump them off at the end of the period?

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    We can also implement idea from Dassault Systems Solidworks application of letting user to Borrow the license for SELECTED no of days. So no need to connect to any network for getting the Floating license everytime.