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7 years ago
New Idea

Change double-click action on test item to "Jump to Test"

Context:  Project | Organize Tests  | Test Items


Today, the double-click action takes you to the "Select Test" form.


The idea of this post is for the double-click action to mean "Jump to Test" instead of "Select Test".


Why?: Once a test has been assigned to the test item, it rarely changes. When it does need to change, all you do is click on the elipses of the test name and it brings up the "Select Test" form. So, make the double-click do something more common, "Jump to Test".


A Variation of this idea is for us to be able to configure what action is taken upon double-click.




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    What's wrong with "right click" and select jump to text?


    Standard windows functionality... double clicking on an editable item edits the item.  This is standard throughout TestComplete... double clicking on a keyword test operation opens it for editing.  It makes sense that the double-click does what it does.

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    1.  Double-click on a file in Windows Explorer and the file is open & ready for editing.  This is what seems to be the natural and most common behavior in Windows Applications.


    2.  Right-clicking a file in Windows Explorer gives you many options, one of which is "Properties", which seems to correlate to "Select Test",  something in TestComplete that isn't done very often on a test item line once the test has been established and working.


    3.  In short, the Double-click action should be the most common thing we do - get you editing the test item in the straightest path possible.  Now, if the most popular thing to do is to always be picking different tests, then that's different and this whole idea is just a puff of smoke.


    4. Keep "Right-Click | Jump to Test" just like it is.  That mimics Windows Explorer: Right-Mouse | Open.


    5. Oh, I just noticed, Right-Click drop-down options is missing "Select Test".  For the new TestComplete user who trusts Right-Mouse to provide actions for what is needed in this context, adding this option to the drop-down would help them. Kinda seems odd that Right-Mouse | Open is a favored behavior but not  Right-Mouse | Select Test is not even available.


    6. A single-click on the Ellipsis begs the user to click it, making it more intuitive than a Double-Click for pulling up the "Select Test" form.  I like the Ellipsis!


    7. A few applications in Windows allow you to configure what happens when you Double-Click something.  Often, it is also the same action as pressing the [Enter] key, but I'm not even going there. Oops, I just did.


    All that said, I know how it is to be using software perfectly fine for years and years and years, and then have to deal with the new guy (me in this case) trying to change things up. So, thanks for your time!