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6 years ago
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Adding of the Status Bar Object to Oracle Forms Control Support Plugin

I need to read messages that comes from a Test Application (Oracle Forms 12C with Java 8) on a Status Bar Object.

Class Name: oracle.ewt.statusBar.StatusBar


Unfortunately when mapping current object, I can't see nowhere in its properties where I can read the text message that comes on screen. Trying to map the children of the Status Bar Object, TestComplete returns no objects, this is due that the object is not currently supported by TestComplete.


Had a look on Methods (Advanced Object Browsere) and one of them was getItem, so maybe I could get its children. Tried getItemCount and it return 6. Next I check what was the first Item. It return the following object:




I apply the getText() to the first Item Object and I got a string Object!

I was lucky and was only one node down, but if was further down I'll probably quit. So can the status bar be included in the plugin?





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