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8 years ago
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Add the same Project to ProjectSuite TestItems multiple times

I would like to be able to add the same Project to a ProjectSuite's TestItems multiple times each with different subset of Keyword Tests/Scripts selected for that Project.


For some background - I have a Project called Common where I handle common functions such as starting and stopping the application.I would like to configure the TestItems within the ProjectSuite to:

1) Run Common.StartApplication

2) Run through the selected tested within all other Projects

3) Run Common.StopApplication


Currently it is only possible to add a Project to the ProjectSuite TestItems once and it is only possible to have one configuration for which tests to run within a Project's TestItems.


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    In theory a project has a defined beginning and end (ref in other word it is self contained.

    So there is no meaning of mixing projects. But projects can share resources.


    What you are tying to do can be achieved with sharing project resources.

    Once you have project for common procedures....

    right click on your project/Advance/Script/Add or project/KeywordTest/Add

    and can navigate to location of your file and add it

    for more please read this and this


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    Beyond that, those "Common" functions can be encapsulated in a Script Extension runtime object which can be called from any other project without having to "share" resource files.