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7 years ago
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Add Support for Code Completion in Other Code Editors

Testcomplete should export code completion information for use in other code text editors, such as Sublime Text 3 or Visual Studio Code. This would allow testers to write more scripts while other testers on the same team use TestComplete for its primary function: building and maintaining keyword tests and checkpoints.


Currently, tying up a very expensive instance of TestComplete does not make sense when editing code is not in the top 5 use cases of the tool itself. Additionally, SmartBear would benefit immensely from the efforts of other popular free text editors.


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    I don't agree that TC's primary function is building and maintaining keyword tests (and checkpoints?  really?).  There's a lot more functionality there than that, and plenty of other users are taking advantage of scripting and not using keyword tests at all.  


    Out of curiosity, where do you find these "top 5 use cases"?


    Have you asked around on the forums how others handle having more coders than TC instances?  There's probably a way to do it already.

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    I wouldn't agree with the statement about TC's primary function, but I would LOVE to be able to write TC code in something like Visual Studio Code. There are just so many existing extensions for type checking, beautifying, integrated terminal etc... that would make it so much nicer to write tests in as opposed to the built in editor. 

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    I would love this ability to write code in VSC. It feels forced to us TC's out of date script editor. I just want to go into an editor I feel comfortable in

  • I don't use TC for editing at all.  It's not designed to be used for editing scripts.  One does have to be aware of limitations - TC maintains only a logical structure, so having a folder hierarchy built in an external editor fails when trying to run the scripts in TC, at least in Python.

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    I strongly support the request for the option to use an external editor. One major reason is the internal Python editor is very deficient in several aspects!

    For example: Rename refactoring is unreliable and buggy while other types of refactoring are not available at all.

    We have a lot of TC Python code and it is a huge PITA to work with the terrible built-in editor.

    Is there a way to import some TC module(s), so that the TC functions can be resolved in an external editor?