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7 months ago
New Idea

Add "idle timeout" to TestExecute to release license


TestExecute blocks a license as soon as it is running. So licenses are blocked even if no tests are executed.


We use TestExecute with a set of floating licenses. The licenses are configured to be available for every user.

TestExecute is installed on dedicated test machines. The tests that run on such a machine are triggered from a testmanagement system. So there is no user in front of the machine that could manually exit TestExecute to release the license. To exit TestExecute after each test to release the license at the end would not be an option. It takes to much time if you run a suite of hundreds of tests.

That would be in complete contrast to a testautomation process.

But of course there are times when no tests are executed on that machine. During this time a running TestExecute blocks a license although it is not running any tests.

From my understanding the license consumption should be returned if TestExecute is not running test. That is how I understand the concept of floating licenses.


It would be nice if you add a timeout to TestExecute. So that after something like 20 minutes without test execution the license is released.

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