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5 years ago
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Add feature to identify Keyword Tests as modified when function used is renamed

When we rename any function in scripts, the function name gets updated in all keyword tests and scripts, but all keyword tests using such a renamed function doesn’t show as modified, and is not included during commit using source control software like Git.


Steps to reproduce:

1. Create keyword tests KT1 and KT2 which includes script routine 'Function 1' present in script file 'All Functions'

2. Right click and rename function name from 'Function1' to 'Function 2' in script file 'All Functions'

3. Commit the project changes using source control

We will see that only 'All Functions' will be committed but KT1 and KT2 is not shown as modified, hence these will not be committed.


Please add feature to include such Keyword tests to also be identified as modified

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