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7 years ago

Add custom HTML Tag mapping

I just recently came accross a very hard problem in our new application, which is very highly built on custom HTML tags.


The namemapping would map everything before and after those, but not the custom HTML tags, which didnt allow me to point to those classnames.


The custom HTML tags where tagged with a special ID "TESTID_xyz" in the classname element within the developers code.



As custom HTML tags get more and more used I think this is a real needed request, to support those mappings from custom HTML. Either somehow that you can "add" tags the namemapping searches for like right now there is a given list for angular objects - by adding for example: wizard-content as a custom  HTML tag the namemapping editor will also find those elements (for example as simple panels labeled with only basic functions (click / settext) or even without functions, just to use them for the hirarchy in the namemapping tree)


I hope my Idea is clear - as english isnt my main language.