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7 years ago
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Add ability to collapse and expand log results tree

I have over 700 test items grouped into groups and distributed across multiple test machines in a network suite, so the result log is long.

I know I can go directly to an error but it doesn't select the test item in the tree (another annoyance).

When I only have a few errors I have to step through the whole tree to find them.


It would be nice if there were a right click menu item in the tree to select the top level and collapse all nodes, or expand all nodes.  Then I could collapse the entire tree, do a couple of high level expansions, and easily see the failing group and test.

Our Windows application has this functionality courtesy of our DevEx tree controls.  Since TestComplete has a similar look and feel, I hope that it would be easy to add this to your existing right mouse button tree menu.




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    I've been finding this an annoyance lately too as I've been having to go through and minimise each successful test one by one. It would be great to be able to collapse and expand all.

  • I'll bump this again, now that TestComplete 14 is here and I still don't see it.

    I can expand and collapse test items, but not log results.