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5 years ago
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Access to Keyword tests UI in TestExecute



I think it would be advantageous to be able to access Keyword test steps from the TestExecute Application, to  allow a point of failure to be skipped over and the remainder of the test to be run without the user having to resolve the failure issue and resave the test on the Parent TestComplete machine. Ideally a version of the keyword test tab from  the TestComplete project workspace with limited operations such as all the "Run..." operations and the "Highlight on Screen".


Currently tests have to be re-run from the beginning which is time consuming, especially when there are multiple points of failure


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    TestExecute is simply the execution engine without an IDE and UI.  The idea is to have a lightweight tool to execute tests developed in TestComplete.  Points of failure should, technically, be resolved during the development process of the project itself unless they are bugs un-covered by the automation itself.  

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    I understand that points of failure should be resolved during development of tests,  and as far as possible I have done this. All tests were run at least 3 times without error on the test development PC before being deployed to the TestExecute PC.

    There are some errors that I cannot currently design out, e.g. Unable to obtain the objects triangle, control was destroyed during method execution and I have been having issues with image checkpoints failing on the TestExecute PC during test runs due to image size being different (screens are exactly same size so some browser issue likely with drawing of webpages).


    These are occurring infrequently but often enough to affect the be a little annoying, hence I think having the ability to at least skip a particular point in a test would be useful.