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6 years ago
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ability to Unable Call Stack other than errors


My test suite consist of 3 levels of scripts.

1) direct interaction of GUI (eg:-  select, delete add rows in any grid.. )

2) windows/screen level logic (eg:- go to inventory window use lower grid X

3) High level test and data( eg deleting inventories in excel file A should get errors in file B )



when there is no error logged,

double clicking on test log, will directly go to lowest level of script (in my case, direct interaction of GUI )

so I'm missing information whether I clicked on "lower grid X or upper grid Y" in inventory window.



if there is error in log, Call Stack will show all scripts involved.

I need to enable same facility on non-error log lines.

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    also need to add ...some times test code error happens before exact error fired-up 

    or you need to change something, need to see all logic at a glance.