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9 years ago
New Idea

Convert/Develop custom keywords / runtime objects with TestLeft/C# and VisualStudio for TestComlete



we made a lot of script extensions for TestComplete (Custom Keywords and Runtime Objects).

I would like to convert our custom keywords from JScript to C#.

It would be great to have the keywords as deployable dlls, and shown up as keyword on TestComplete, which we can drag'n'drop via TestComplete UI to arrange keyword test scripts.

For this it would be necessary to have a regarding Extension folder below of TestComplete which will accept the dlls in the same way as it do for normal ScriptExtensions as it is for now.

TestComplete the specific folder like "..TestComplete/Bin/Extensions/Extensions/ScriptExtensions" as before etc. maybe some folder like "..TestComplete/Bin/Extensions/TestLeft/OurDllFolder".

After deploy our users would open TestComplete and work as before.

From my developer perspective, i would have the benefit of TestLeft but would also ensure that our users could work in the same way.


It would be easier to debug our converted scriptextensions byTestLeft and use these converted script extensions for normal use by TestComplete


We also had the benefit to use MSTest for the keyword dlls to test the code by TestLeft and VisualStudio.