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8 years ago
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Multi-Edit capabilities

Currently when two or more editors are editing an API swagger, they get a notification that both are editing and one will lose their changes.  Editors / Commentors won't editor or comment when it happens for fear that they could overwrite some import changes made by the other participants.  


Feature: Confluence has a feature where you can see when the other user is editing the same document so you can be sure you're not working on the same changes.  It would be great if we could either get a) detection and merge capabilities when saving for multi-editing or b) realtime view of editing by multiple parties.


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    I know SwaggerHub does not support simultaneous editing, but it is very disruptive to the process as there is no notification that someone else is actively editing until you go to save


    I saw somewhere there was functionality in Confluence, but we use Microsoft Dev Ops.


    it would be very beneficial to either allow simulatneous edit or show/warn if another person is in edit mode or even lock editing.