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8 years ago
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Inconsistency: Navigation tree was sorted alfabetically for JSON seems sorted by creation time

The navigation tree for SOAP services/requests was sorted alfabetically by name.

When one has many requests below the same Project it is possible to manually group them by adding prefixes in the description and hence keeping then "organised".


In the navigation tree for JSON on the other side  there seem to be a fixed sorting by creation time: the last created/or duplicated request is put at the end of the list.

When there are many requests it bekomes a caotic list.


It would have been better to keep the functionality of the navigation and editor pane (e.g. editable, searchable) like it was for SOAP and just treat JSON content as an other type of content.


I hope there is a chance to geht this right and more confortable in a next release.

Anybody else with the same experience using SOAPUI for JSON? 


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