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9 years ago
New Idea

Virt Server Transaction Log within ServiceV make auto refresh optional and allow transaction sort

Within ServiceV and the VirtServer visible (with running virts that have transactional history available)


view Transaction Log

drop down list of available of virts allows selection of applicable virts,

there is an icon next to the drop down that doesn't do anything but looks like it should be used to refresh the list


at present the list of transactions is auto refreshed, when you have to scroll down the list of transactions its a tad annoying to be bounced back to the top on every refresh, being able to disable the auto refresh would hopefully stop this behavior and allow uninterrupted browsing of the transactions list


also the list is currently ordered by oldest at the top down to newest at the bottom, being able to flip this ordering would be a nice to have





for Ref using

ReadyAPI 1.7

Build Date: 20160413-1835


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