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Usability improvements to LoadUI

I would like to see the following improvements to the LoadUI interface:


  1. Feedback on status of agent readyness, i.e. has the agent received/finished initializing test cases.
    • This is would be a really nice feature as it's impossible to figure out when an agent is ready. Sometime it takes a long time for the project to be uploaded to the agent and for the agent to announce "[SceneAgent] The **** scenario was loaded." in the log, other times it never gets ready.
  2. Allow drag'n'dropping of agents under Distribution, such that they can be reoganized.
    • Currently they are seamingly sorted by date added.
  3. Resizing Agents in the Distribution list such that a better overview can be achieved.
    • This could also be achieved with an option to view the agents as a list, while allowing the same context menu as well as the option to turn agents ON/OFF. 
  4. Prevent Horisontal scrolling of Agents under Distribution. 
    • I currently have 4 agents and the 4th is already outside of view. Floating the agents in the window will allow more agents to be within the view.
  5. Enable multiple selection for removal of scenarios from agents.
    • It currently takes 1 right-click and 1 left-click for each scenario. I have 30 scenarios added to each of my 4 agent which would total 120 mouse click to remove all of them. It's easier to remove the agent, add it again and assign scenarios, which isn't really desirable.
  6. Better detection of online/offline agents.
    • Example: The remote agent is running and the Agent under distribution is "ON". Close the remote agent, let ReadyAPI detect that it's disconnected and start the remote agent again. ReadyAPI won't detect that it's running.
  7. Transfer dependent files to agents.
    • A ReadyAPI project has a "Script Library" property, so copying the contents of this would be a nice addition
    • Also copying the contents of the -Dsoapui.ext.libraries vmoptions folder would be great.



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    Thank you for your detailed suggestions.  I've logged each issue in JIRA and will present it to development


    I'll try and keep you updated on each issue.



    Mike Giller

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