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9 years ago
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Update Custom Property references in "Run Test Case" values, if Custom Property is renamed

It would be great, if ReadyAPI/SoapUI NG would update usages of custom properties in case of renaming the custom property, even if there are used in the value part of the property definiton of "Run Test Case" test steps.


1. Create TestSuite Repro
- Custom Property MyRepro
2. Create TestCase Foo
- Custom Property MyFoo
3. Create TestCase Bar
3a. Create TestStep "Run TestCase Foo" in TestCase "Bar"
3b. Assign to "MyFoo" the value value ${#TestSuite#MyRepro}
4. Rename the Custom Property "MyRepro" to "MyNewRepro"
5. Check the value in TestStep "Run TestCase Foo"
-> Value is still "${#TestSuite#MyRepro}" and not "${#TestSuite#MyNewRepro}"


If the custom property is used in a "Soap Request" test step, the usage is updated.


So it would be a great help, if same happens in case of usages in "Run TestCase" test steps.


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