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8 years ago
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'TestCase Run Steps' Should Allow for Assertions in those Steps

Currently test case run steps don't allow you to add assertions on the returns from those test steps, resulting in having to create separate extremely clunky 'Assertion' steps to assert that the data returned is what you expect when running flexible test cases.


eg. Say you want to run a test case to determine the status of something and the status is returned. That status may be different depending on the test case. You should be able to assert on the returned parameters INSIDE of that testcase run step.

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    What I do, is pass in the salient information to the test case that I'm running, and in the called test case I include the logic to dynamically assert pass/failures based on the data that I passed into it (e.g. pass some data from a request or response from the parent test case into the called test case).


    Is this something that you could be helpful to you?  I find this easier to maintain, since the assertions for the called test case live in only one spot, instead of in potentially calling test cases that might all need to be touched when changing how some of those assertions work.