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8 years ago
New Idea

Refactor Refactoring

The refactoring options tends to be rather messy:


It would be helpful when items/endpoints can be rearranged by hand. This would make it a much better tool and experience. 


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    It's been a while since this idea... yet it remains the same in current ReadyAPI 3.10.0 version.

    I got for instance a /version method that doesn't officially exists in the swagger, so a refactoring will delete this. I have no option to say "keep". 

    On top of this, a refactoring often results in an unwanted deletion of query parameters. So you might finally have an up-to-date API definition, but all linked test cases suddenly have no longer the correct query parameter... There is also -as far as I know - no way to have an updated (POST) request payload. It needs to be modified in each and every test case rest step.


    The refactoring internal window is also a pain. No resizing possible, so for some items you need to scroll to the right...



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    We are using ReadyAPI v 3.40.2.  The refactor feature is almost unusable it is so complex.  It's like trying to find a needle in a haystack.


    We should have the ability to do one at a time instead of all endoints at once.  It would be tedious, but less confusing.