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9 years ago

ReadyAPI needs tabbed interface on Projects view

Hello SmartBears


The ReadyAPI does not have a tabbed interface under the Projects view. This change of interface (from SoapUI/SoapUI Pro) is a major drawback, and non of my co-workers will use ReadyAPI until this issue is solved. I poseted this as an issue in the forum, and was told this is working as expected, however, this is a mjor issue.


The current ReadyAPI is geared to have you work inside of Test Cases inside the SoapUI tab. While this is great for items that have test cases, in the real world, peopledo not use your product only in this manner. In fact 90% of the Dev/Product Support people make an individual call(s) to web services for testing certain scenarios. When you operate in this manner - opening a web service Soap request under the Projects view, you do not get a tabbed interface, you only get the "<" and ">" to navigate to the requests that are open. Once you have opened a few requests, it is extremely cumbersome to navigate to other open requests.


This is a sharp deviation from how SoapUI interface operated. The only way to get the tabbed behavior is by creating test cases in the ReadyAPI/SoapNG view.


I would like to reiterate that this is a showstopper for the company I am currently at. No other staff will use ReadyAPI because of this major design change in your product. It adverselvy affects current user workflow with ReadyAPI. If this issue is not corrected in future releases, we will be forced to find another soap testing tool.


  • Hi jorgebarra,


    thanks for your suggestion!

    The tabs were removed as a way to make the user interface less complicated, but in our backlog has since been to have a setting to turn them on again, as they are important for advanced use. 


    You can expect to see this implemented soon, hopefully in the next version after 1.5


    Best regards,

    Matti Hjelm

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     Is there an update on this? I am using ReadyAPI 1.7 and it its still not there?




  • Status changed:
    Selected for Development

    Added in 1.8.0

    Best regards,

    Matti Hjelm

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    but obviously taken away in Ready Api 2.3...get back to sap pro 5

    Ah I found it it's a matter of setting.