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9 years ago

Please include Collapse/Expand All items for the Workspace navigation item

In Ready! API 1.4.0+, there are new context menu options to Expand All and Collapse All in the naviation tree.


However, these items only show up for Projects or lower.  The Workspace itself is the most useful spot for Collapse All (Expand All is a little more questionable at the Workspace, since it is time expensive, but contextually it makes sense to keep both together).  Without this option at the Workspace, you have to indivudually use each project's context menu to collapse them each one by one.


Please include a context menu for Work Spaces, so that we can right click and Collapse/Expand All for everything inside the Workspace at once.


Better yet: A small collapse/expand all button right next to the Workspace would be preferable--that way you don't need to implement a context menu for the Workspace, plus it's much handier for end user's than using context menues ;)



Note: Just realized that I logged this in the wrong forum.  Meant to log in Ready! API Feature Requests.  I'll ask a Mod to move it.


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    There will be an option in the Workspace context menu for this, in version 1.6.0



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    Selected for Development

     Fixed in 1.6