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5 years ago
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Move multiple Test Suite/Test Cases/Test Steps at once

There must be a feature by which i can re-order my Test Steps or Test Cases or Test Suites at once, right now i am able to re-order one by one and it takes lot of time if i have huge number of test-cases.


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    It would be really nice to have more details such as on what criteria (at least in your case) the tests / steps be ordered and this helps R & D team to understand the requirements.
  • As in my case i have 100s of Test Cases in my Test Suite and if i want to move the position of more than 1 Test Case then in current scenario i am unable to do it,


    as i can only be doing it one at a time no option is there to move more than 1 Test Suite/Test Case/Test Step


    nmrao  : That's my use case right now because i cloned 2 Test Cases in my Test Suite and it cloned to End of the Test Suite, i wanted to move those two to the top but unable to achieve it as unable to select 2 Test Cases at same point of time.

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    Right. It not still clear that on what criteria the order should be? Such as by natural order in asc/desc or something else? While doing by hand any thing can be done. However if it has to be done, there should have logic.

  • nmrao  : Not any criteria, my Test Cases are based on User Stories in Jira, It can't be sorted in Ascending or Decending.


    Yes, it can be done by hand but moving Multiple Test Case from one place to another is very time consuming task if number of Test Cases are more than 100. If there is a option to move multiple Test Cases at a time then time could be saved.

  • nmrao  : I think you didn't understand my scenario.


    What i want is re-order/re-arrange multiple TestCases at a single point of time in 1 TestSuite.


    It is different from sorting as i know sorting is 1 way either asc or desc. But i want to reorder it

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    Correct, still not sure.


    When would some one does this?

  • to match my test cases sequence as of test cases in JIRA, so that if i want to run a particular test case than i should be able to locate it easily.