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3 years ago
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Mask Password in settings.xml file for Composite Projects

I would like the ability to mask passwords in the settings.xml file for Composite Project files. Our security team flag this as risk since usernames and passwords are exposed in this file. We would like to continue to use the Auth Repository feature while keeping our project files in Composite format.


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    I strongly support this request, since this is causing us also issues with our companies security policy. I would really appreciate feedback from smartbear on this topic.

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    I support this, we are working around this with groovyscript and a kdbx file right now, I'd rather use in tool features. If ReadyAPI supports GIT it should make it very easy to encrypt any credentials used in the scripts imo.

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    It's been over two years now, that this is a known issue to SmartBear, and still no improvement on this. You guys do know, that security is one of the dominating issues in the industry?