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8 years ago

Make ReadyAPI friendly to deployment automation tools

We have a lot of desktops running ReadyAPI.  Upgrading these currently involves manual installation by each user.  We also have a lot of labs running ReadyAPI (looking into TestServer but that's down the road).  Currently one of us has to log into each lab and install ReadyAPI manually.  A silent installer would be great.


There are plenty of deployment/installation automation tools out there (e.g. Puppet, chef).  This Idea is for SmartBear to make ReadyAPI friendly to such tools, to make it easy for larger shops to automatically deploy new ReadyAPI versions to desktops, or at least make it easy for each user to "push a button" to silently install a new version approved by their IT department. Ideally, SmartBear could make configuration files available for the major deployment automation tools (e.g. Puppet) to make it easier for DevOps shops to deploy new versions.


I'm sure all SmartBear's DevOps customers would thank you ;-).