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6 years ago
New Idea

include assertion values in Assertion window

Currently in ReadyAPI, the asserted values are not displayed. You have to actually open the assertion (double click on the assertion) to view the asserted value(s). This is somewhat cumbersome, as a tester you want to see all assertions and asserted values in the same overview.




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    Hi mgroen2 ,  I don't remember anymore if version 2.5.0 has this possibility too but I think so. Highlight your assertion, right-click the assertion ==> you have the possibility to rename it so you can add the information you want or change the name.  Would that also be a solution for you?  :-) 



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    AAB  thanks for the tip, but I do personally think assertion (including its values) is basic-test tool functionality and thus should be supported by the tool itself.

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    AAB I sometimes use the rename (F2) option on simple assertions to display the asserted value, like "Match content of [node] = [expected result]", but this takes a lot of extra time to do.


    Would love to have the expected assertion values more easily displayed for the types of assertions where this makes sense.