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9 years ago
New Idea

In Ready! API give configuration option to disable "remembering" open navigation items

Ready! API attempts to remember all of the items that were expanded the last time you quit and then re-expands them automatically the next time it opens.

However, this feature is more of a hassle than a help:

  1. FIrst, it is glitchy--every time I re-open soapUI it not only remembers what I had open at the previous session, but it very often randomly expands other items as well, which were never openned at all.  I waste my time collapsing these items, and the next session it'll just be a different set of items open that I had never touched in the previous session, no apparent pattern to it.
  2. Even without the defects in the implementation, this feature causes more work, not less.  Every time I open soapUI, I have to go and close the old open items, because most often I'm finished with them and have moved on to another areas to test.  SoapUI 4 was much better in this--it started up clean each time, then you could expand only what you are currently working on, without having to go manually collapse everything that you no longer needed.

Just leaving everythign expanded is no solution either--having that many items open makes looking through everything more time consuming.


However, there may be people who like this new feature (assuming the glitches get fixed), so could we please have a configuration option to disable this feature?

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