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6 years ago
New Idea

implement re-use of testfragments over projects - without the need to use (groovy) scripting

We would like to implement a test suite built in ReadyAPI, with 1 project containing all available testfragments. 

While other projects make use of these testfragments (call these testfragments), so that this common repo can be managed more efficiently.


Currently, this behaviour requires Groovy scripting to be implemented (see here: However we would like to see this implemented without the need to use any scripting. 


Similar behaviour is currently already being supported, only for tests within same project (Add Step -> Run Testcase(s) this screen is displayed, which allows the user to select to be called testcase from either testsuite (but all of these needs to be in same project - we want to have this in different projects as well).


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