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9 years ago
New Idea

Enhance the Conditional Goto Test Step functionality


The Conditional Goto Test Step functionality is quite restrictive compared with equivalent SoapUI Test Steps such as Property Transfer. This limits how useful the Conditional Goto is and therefore how powerful SoapUI scripts can be without resorting to Groovy. I am not sure how to configure the existing Conditional Goto for response messages containing CDATA, so for us the Conditional Goto is never used.


In my opinion, using Groovy, for a tester without a development background, can be a significant hurdle to overcome.


Please enhance the Conditional Goto functionality to allow source data other than just the previous response message. I suggest a user interface similar to the Property Transfer to allow any message or property to be selected for comparison.


Property Transfer (flexible):

Property Transfer UI.PNG


Conditional Goto (very limited):

Conditional Goto UI.PNG




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