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5 years ago
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Eliminate the 'Exit ReadyAPI?' prompt on application close

When I close ReadyAPI I'm prompted with a dialog box asking if I really want to exit (see attached screen1.png). I have the Save Projects on Exit option enabled, and I get the exit confirmation prompt whether I've made any changes to projects or not.


I request an enhancement where if the Save Projects on Exit option is enabled, the exit confirmation doesn't appear. It makes no sense to continually ask the user to confirm a deliberate action (99% of the time) when there is no danger of losing changes if the Save Projects on Exit option is enabled. If users accidentally close the application when they didn't mean to, they can simply start it back up. Very few other mainstream client applications ask the user to verify whether they want to exit the application. If this is a way to ensure users don't lose unsaved changes, why does the Save Projects on Exit option even exist?

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