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10 years ago

Disable large toolbar in ReadyAPI

I want to disable large toolbar on TOP .

I need to use small notebook for traveling. On 13" display it reduces space for working area.

Case: 00101360


  • Thanks!


    I think we'll look at improving the toolbar in 1.4. I would love more feedback on this.

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     Ok, we're not making any promises :smileyhappy: but we've added it for scoping into the 1.4 Release...

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    I had had the same thought on that bar--the new Ready! API layout wastes more space along the top than it needs to.


    For your considerations, if you're still working on the design for this:


    As part of designing ways to save space along the top, you could also combine the close/minimize buttons from the Title bar with the new Ready! API top navigation bar, then get ride of the very top title bar. Kind of similar to how Firefox got rid of the title bar and instead shows the tabs and window close/minimize buttons on the same level.

  • The changes we did in 1.4 was not enough, we will continue improving this.


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  • Hello enzo79,


    In the 1.5 release, scheduled in mid-October, you will be able to hide the toolbar with an option in the View menu.



    Manne, developer