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8 years ago

Customize default "Test Case options"

Test cases have options assigned to them, which define if the test should abort as soon as a step is on error; if the HTTP session should be maintained; etc. Those options can be found here:


As a developer who writes a lot of tests, I'd like to be able to define the default value of those options once so I don't have to edit each newly created TC.


For example almost all my test cases needs to have the "abort test is an error occurs" option disabled. Having to edit this option manually each time is pretty cumbersome, and easy to forget.


  • Thanks!

    I like this productivity improvement suggestion. It will help when you have large amounts of test cases, which I know more and more users have.
    I've added it to the backlog for future improvements.



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    Really awaiting for this option.


    For all new testcases I have to remove the check, which is easy to forget. 

    As a result the last step of a testcase - which is often a deleting for clean-up - will not be executed.


    Would be great if you can set 'default' testcase options. For example on project level or testsuite level. 



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    Great news, thank you very much !