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9 years ago

Could use more than 5 visible lines of script in ReadyAPI ServiceV right most viewing/editing pane

ReadyAPI ServiceV right hand window viewing/editing pane has a number of script nodes that have a script editing area that is not able to be resized vertically.  Only 5 lines of script are visible when it should be able to grow as desired.  Start Script, Stop Script, OnRequest Script and AfterRequest Script cannot be grown more that 5 lines.  That takes a while to scroll through when those scripts are many lines long.


  • I think that the script windows within serviceV are constrictive anyway not just the rightmost ones, these display the most prominent issue however as you cant resize them, being able to resize them would be a big useability plus point


    also an option to undock the script editor or open a pop out window that was resizable would help this massively

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    It has been changed for ServiceV in Ready! API 1.6.0 - now you can open the script panel in a modal dialog by clicking on the button next to 'Edit'.

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    Implemented in Ready! API 1.6

  • Hi


    modal dialog for the response scripts is great edition, thanks,

    are there any plans to extend that to the dispatch script as well?




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    Yes, we have discussed to have modal dialog for the dispatch scripts and some more places. It will be implemented but unfortunately I can't say by when.

  • A lot of the modals have been implemented.  Here's an example for response, we have one for dispatch as well:




    If there are still missing ones in latest version (v2.2.0), please let me know




    Mike Giller

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