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3 years ago
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Automatically create testcases/assertions based on swagger definitions



I believe there should be a feature that uses the Swagger definitions for REST API services much more profoundly. The current "Swagger Compliance Assertion" is not covering this. It's too broad and generic. I would love to have an option to automatically create the standard edge test cases based upon swagger definitions as that would save a lot of time for readyAPI customers.

There is a security JSON boundary scan, but that only verifies that there is no sensitive data in the response. It doesn't doe anything with the provided swagger information. There is also no way to see what exactly the boundary scan does, except for going into the transaction log to see each individual request payload (


Suggestion: Button to "Create negative tests from Swagger":

- Example1:  Automatically a test cases is created with a REST test step where JSON payload or request parameter is set to whatever minLength / maxLength is defined in the swagger. If for instance maxLength is 99 I want ReadyAPI to have a value set to 100 character length. Expected outcome would then be an HTTP400 (customizable with a predefined response payload check). 

- Example2: Automatically test cases are created where we omit the "required" fields (be that headers, request payload parameters or query parameters). So either it's set to null or it is completely missing from the request. Again expectation would be an HTTP400 or HTTP401/403 for authorization headers.



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