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9 years ago
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Add model and payload tabs to interface-requests/rest-test-steps

The interface shown in the navigator pane contains rest steps which represent potential rest calls to be added to test cases. It would be beneficial if the requests with body parameters (such as puts and posts) included two tabs for the body section: model and payload.

The value of the request body is the default value of the rest-test-step payload when the interface-request is added as a test step to a test case.

As it is now, the interface-request can only store either the model or the default payload. The user is forced to decide which is more important: keeping the model defined by the API definition, or entering a default payload for adding requests as test steps.

If the requests and test steps included the two tabs of model and payload, the user could enter a model defined by the API definition of the request and also enter a default payload to use for test step rest calls.

For example,
consider a request with a model of
"node1": "String"
The payload of a rest step created by adding this interface request to a test case will default to a payload value of
"node1": "String"
The user must modify the model in the body of the interface request to change the default payload value. In doing this the model is lost.

It would be better if both the interface request and test step included the default-payload/payload-to-use and the model for referencing node types, enumerations, etc.


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