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8 years ago

Able to modify JUNIT reports to include Request/Response for failed cases

Right now, JUNIT reports are not modifiable at all. They are important when comes to running test cases via some CI and host result/report at a url. JUNIT reports are so simple and do not give information about the REQEST/RESPONSE  of a failed step to actually look at the reason why the test cases failed on the test server which might run successfully on local. Across various communities, I see that this feature is required by most of the users, a lot of discussion around it, and the way suggested is via maven project which seems to put more effort than writing test cases.


  • Hi, We had the same issue, and customising JUNIT reports would be nice but you can do that today with the standard groovy assertion output options: using a semicolon after the assertion result: assert assert_flag : "\nRequest: " + messageExchange.getRequestContent().toString() + "\nResponse: " + messageExchange.getResponseContent().toString()
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    New Idea

    This is regarding the request to modify JUNIT reports to include Request/Response for failed steps


    This functionality is already available.  In ReadyAPI, please go to:

    File > Preferences > ReadyAPI tab > check 'Complete error logs'


    This setting actually affects JUnit reports and will add full request/response and detailed message data for each failure


    In v2.3 we will default this preference to provide that level of detail for new installations of ReadyAPI



    Mike Giller

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