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5 years ago
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Ability to Find/Replace in any direction

The Find/Replace dialog in ReadyAPI requires you to search for a term in a particular direction (Forward or Backward)

In most cases I don't know what direction the term I'm searching for is in so I'd rather search the whole file.


This would be more intuitive if the default behaviour was to search the entire file for all matched items (i.e. does not require a direction)



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    just to add to this feature request...

    The "Find / Replace" dialog box has not been improved by the developers for many years.  It is so rudimentary that it seems like they just implemented the bare minimum to say they had that feature.  If researched, I bet it is the same dialog box as in version 1.0.x, years ago.  I have used the product from that long ago and probably curse every time I press "Ctrl-F".


    * Please add a "search wrap" feature so I don't have to reposition the cursor and "Ctrl-Home" to get to the top of the text to start the search all over again.

    * Please leave the dialog box in the position I moved it to last instead of opening in the center of the screen each time it is opened just to be pushed out of the way again.

    * ReadyAPI Developers: Use the "Find / Replace" feature of your software development tool IDE and mimic it please.