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9 years ago
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Test Runner: Select Test Host for all Automated Tests

The issue I'm facing is in Test Runner in regards to selecting the Test Host for an Automated Test to execute on. I don't set a Default Test Host for my tests because we use a set of different Test Hosts, usually depending on which environment we want to run the tests on or just whichever is available. So when launching a Test or Test Set we simply select the Test Host for each on the Test Runner screen using the < Select Host > drop-down:



This works fine for running single tests, or test sets with only a couple automated tests. But we have some Test Sets with a larger number of tests, and we'd like to have even larger test sets. But it's very tedious to have to select the Test Host for each test in a test set when running the tests. What I'd like is an ability to select the Test Host for all of the Automated Tests in a Test set at the same time.




  • Just want to add, I know there's a potential work around using Test Schedules for each Test Host and setting the schedule to run at the present time whenever we need to run it, but unfortunately you can't select a Release when setting a Test Schedule which makes it unusable for us. Plus it's sort of a hackneyed way of doing it