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8 years ago
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Scheduling Manual Tests And Dashboard Chart Showing Progress Against Plan

A key metric I am commonly asked for is "what is our test progress against plan?"

Right now, I have a custom field "planned test date" that I have to manually populate test by test (or fast edit).

The only way I can report on this is to then run a test library export (from legacy reports as the new reports module .csv includes excessive blank columns) in to an MS Excel dashboard where I then have a formula similar to this:

=COUNTIFS('QAC_Extract'![RANGE],[LOOKUP],'QAC_Extract'![RANGE],"<="&[TODAY]) (where LOOKUP is the Planned Test Date)

Used in conjunction with total number of tests, and the sum of the tests that have a Last Run Status I can determine how many were planned by today and how many were attempted.

This gives me stats as shown in the attachment.
It would be great if QAComplete could do all this tracking for me, using a dashboard line chart.


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