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9 years ago
New Idea

Form field groupings and visibility

In the various forms within QA Complete such as test, requirement, and so on the fields are all listed on the page and while I often times need some of these fields such as last run or test type I don't need them all the time.  


Visually it would be an improved experience to either categorize or group these fields and allow users to set the default view of that section or allow users to create their own sections with headings and set their default visibility to collapsed or expanded.


For example all the task assignment, ownership, run history and so on could be grouped into a section with some heading and then set to a default visibility of collapsed.  So, it's there when I need it but when I don't it's not in the way.  These sections should also be able to be moved positionally like custom fields can be so I can put it where it makes sense for the team.


Example (just an off the top of my head)


Test Data

  - Description

  - Setup 

  - Pre-condition

  - Post-condition


Test Steps

  - Test step(s)


Test Execution

  - Assigned to

  - Owner

  - Last run test set

  - Last run status


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