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2 years ago
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Test Script Run all vusers sequentially.

Could you give us the ability to run all vusers in test script . When I create a test script i have 100 vUsers which login with different user name and password from a databank. I would like to be able to verify that all 100 vUsers can execute the test script test without errors, thus to verify the correct execution of the steps. Then I can run my scenario using the 100 vUsers knowing that I won't have any failure due to incorrect action on a step. Currently, this verification is performed manually, which takes a lot of time. In addition, we are having a specific amount of hours per month or year and it does not sound very fair to utilize this time simply to verify that the 100 or more vUsers will pass the test script steps. 

I hope this will be beneficial to the rest of the LoadNinja users. 

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