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6 years ago
New Idea

Create a sanbox of 20 users where the tests can be run prior to being committed to the real test.

I have run the load tests twice only to find out the csv had errors in it.    There isn't a way to run the script to test the script until it is put into a load test scenario which takes away from allotted time for testing.  The 3rd time it ran smoothly.  

Would be great if there was a way to test the script before committing it to Load test.  The playback did not go through all the csv data entries to have them verified.


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    Pretty sure no other SaaS performance testing tool has this either. The problem is that you would either have to run a very long verification with a single VU consuming data, or a shorter verification with many VU's consuming data. Either of these cases would be creating cost for SmartBear. It would be easier/less expensive if a process merely validated certain things about the data (such as no illegal characters...etc.). Unfortunately, the kind of data errors you are describing, could only be checked by actually having a VU use the data in server requests.
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    Actually Blazemeter has a sandbox that allows users to run the script prior to committing it to the actual load - it is a  free low-scale test for debugging purposes.   I suppose the playback would be considered a sandbox that finds object errors.    I can always go back to using JMeter.   I was able to run the script all the way through and validate the data prior to committing it to the cloud.