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10 years ago

Make it possible to copy/paste requests between pages and/or scenarios



I would like to ask for the possibility to copy and paste functionality to be able to copy requests to another page and scenario.

There is a Copy command in the context menu for request in the Scenario Editor, but the Paste menu command is always disabled.

(Not sure if I remember it correctly, but it seems to me that this was possible in the early LoadComplete 2.x versions.)




  • As of LoadComplete 4.0, you can copy/paste and move requests in the scenario editor. One consideration is that you must paste requests into a location that has an existing connection, or copy/paste connections as well.

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    Right now (version 4) it's not possible paste a request in scenario editor. So you can only copy but not paste a request, since the paste option is greyed out.


    Please support pasting requests.


    This also counts for While loops.

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      Hi Mathijs,


      Copied request can be pasted only as a child of some connection. This is expected behavior: when web client communicates with the server, connection is established first and then is used (or reused) to send request and receive response.