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Make it possible to compare and synchronize requests for separate page(s)



Initial clauses:
Consider this use case as a sample: login - get one page with items list - order one item - purchase ordered item - logout. The root idea is that because of reusability and maintenance considerations, it is better to record and execute not a lot of similar complex end-to-end scenarios, but several smaller separate stand-alone ones and combine them using the Call Scenario operation.
It is expected, that using this approach it will be possible to create, for example, these additional scenarios:
-- login - logout;
-- login - get random number of pages with items list - logout;
-- login - order random number of items - purchase items - logout.
From the reusability point of view it is expected that if, for example, the login scenario changes, only this simple scenario has to be recorded and correlated a-new but not all affected large and complex scenarios. It should be noted here that while it is possible to refresh the correlation rules for the already existing scenario, this does not apply to scenarios launched from the Call Scenario operation.

The above considerations are, probably, the major cornerstone for my feature request, so please let me know if my initial idea is wrong, not recommended or is not adopted by real practitioners because of some reason.

If the above idea is an acceptable one, it is obvious that data correlation will be required when combining separate scenarios to work together. I believe that this can be done more or less easily with the existing functionality of LoadComplete when complete scenario is recorded initially and is split later to several smaller stand-alone ones.

Now the problem:
Assume that in the course of the project, the page that displays items list (Items List page) was modified and requires different set of requests to be displayed. This means that the scenario that obtains this page must be re-recorded and correlated with the existing scenarios.
In its turn this means that (some) of the Data Selectors and Data Replacers that existed in the initial version of the Items List page must be recreated for the updated version of the page.

Actual request:
In order to make it more easy and convenient to find Data Selectors and Data Replacers in the initial version of the page, create them (only the needed ones, probably, with some modifications) in the new version of the page and apply at proper places, some functionality for side-by-side comparison of the requests that belong to two different pages with the possibility to modify requests of the target page should be useful and helpful.
Could you please consider this?

Thank you for your consideration.


P.S. This feature request is based on the Case #00222701 and might be related to the thread.



  • Hi,


    I reviewed the feature request once more. I have two points:


    1. If you rerecord your Login scenario, LoadComplete will automatically create all correlation rules within it.

    2. LoadComplete doesn't automatically create correlation rules if a parameter value should be extracted from a response that is behind the Call Scenario operation. However, it is possible to manually create correlation rules for such a scenario.


    Does this cover your use case?