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7 years ago
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Extract multiple occurances of a variable from a resouce body and randomly use one variable

In the case where the result body contains a list of items returned, allow selection of multiple occurances of the ID or unique item for each row in the result body. Randomly select one of the result and return that result in a variable to be used in a later request.


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    Could you please provide more details about the use case that requires this enhancement?

    The case is that the goal of the load test is to check that the server can provide the required performance.

    All verifications and test scenario data branching is the area of functional testing, but not the load one.


    The only potential use of this functionality that I see is to request different data in order to eliminate server caching if any. But different requested data mean different result verification (with possible branching) and this is what should not be done in the load test.

  • The use case is simulating multiple users who work in different branches across the country, so they have a different view of the search results since the data is associated with branches and/or location.

    When the results are returned, there are multiple choices from a database that has 10M+ entries and the status of those entries change during the test as data is processed.

    So the search results will change during the test, and this doesn’t allow for static CSV style data feeds.


    All this is done to make the database provide the full range of data and not allow for the database memory cache to be populated with a small subset of data.

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    Would love to see this implemented.