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10 years ago

User sync with AD group


the authentication via LDAP is a nice feature to organize the user registration in a world-wide environment by use of several AD groups that can be administered business-unit-specific.

Unfortunately the user is not known in Collaborator until his/her first log in. This results in three steps:
1. Adding to AD group
2. User must log in
3. Project admin can add user to group

Each step results in a latency and communication overhead between the admin and the user. It would be great to have a button in Collaborator's user management panel like "sync with configured AD group xy" (similar to RTC for example).


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    Not sure you will see this, but did you know you can use ccollab.exe to create the user, skipping step 2.  Then add them to the desired groups.


    >ccollab help admin user create

  • We considered updating from 11.2 to 11.4, but stopped activity due to various reasons. And we could not get the "Automatic user and groups sync" working. So 11.2 still in use. For 11.2 I have programmed a web app that makes use of the REST API to create the user accounts in Collaborator, assign them to Collaborator groups, and automatically send an email to the new users with instructions. Collaborator itself is configured for LDAPs auth, so with the web app the "sync" is only one step now - without user interaction in between. If somebody wants the source code, I can share.