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9 years ago
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Synchronisation in Next button for Review material

When i want to go from one page to the next for a review material have to press the NEXT buttons. It means that when I go from page 1 to page 2 I have to press once the next button for the document from left and then the button NEXT for the document from right. I would like to have this switch from one page to another synchronized for both documents and this synchronization to be activated with a "tick".

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    I like (and have liked) this suggestion.   However, if implemented, I'd love to see a sync 'toggle', maybe in that bottom 'next' window.


    Having used the tool for a while now, it is sometimes handy to have them not sync, and be able to use one of the windows to 'look back' a few pages.  Maybe see a change in the right window and scroll back in the left window to check another part of the document.